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Industrial Flooring Solutions

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Talk to us about industrial flooring solutions


Running a food factory requires your flooring to be durable, tough, strong and easy to keep clean. It should also be easy to install, simple to fix if something goes wrong and you should be able to keep it in budget.


At BIF Services Ltd we offer affordable flooring solutions to a whole host of industries, and we offer a range of industrial flooring solutions to those in the food industry.


With over 40 year’s experience to offer, we look after you from start to finish. With the help of our installation team, our forward thinking and our guidance and warranty, you can buy with complete confidence knowing our flooring solution will make the world of difference.


Just some of the choices we offer include:



BIF-Pu-Mortar HD




Hygienic Wall Finishes


Whatever you need for your industrial flooring, we’re certain that we have the perfect product for you.


Let’s get started


So, if you’re interested in any of our industrial flooring solutions, we’d like to hear from you. Get in touch via our contact form and let us know what you’re looking for and we’ll get back to you.

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