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Resin Flooring Installation

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Talk to us about our resin flooring installations


Ideal for commercial and industrial settings, resin flooring is strong, durable and able to withstand heavy footfall. Whatever sector you’re in, we’re certain that we can find the right resin flooring solution for your budget.


At BIF Services Ltd we can help you find the right resin flooring choice for your place of work, and help with the installation and after care.


Every project that we work on is looked after by our highly skilled installation teams, supported by an experienced management team that ensures everything runs smoothly. We’ll be there from start to finish so that at every stage of the work, you are correctly supported.

What are the choices?


Our website is packed full of various choices when it comes to resin flooring, but to give you an idea, our BIF EP Coat WB flooring choice is suitable for warehouses and storage units and can provide:


  • 200 micron thick system

  • New or Damp subfloors

  • Impervious

  • Solvent Free & low VOC

  • Smooth

  • Standard - Medium Duty

  • Easily recoated as needed

  • Silk or Gloss finishes


To find a suitable flooring solution for your place of work, get in touch with our team today.

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