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Assurance of Performance

BIF have a great reputation to deliver what was promised.


This starts from our first meeting, is monitored when we're on site and continues until works are complete. Our full Post-Contract Support Service then continues to provide support if you need anything further from us.

When a customer chooses BIF, our job is to complete the work with minimal disruption and to an agreed cost. We choose materials carefully, oversee their installation using our own teams and back up our workmanship with a 12 month defects package.

Details of how we provide post contract support is detailed below.

Value in our Advice

Not many resin flooring contractors offer an Installation Warranty.


This is partly because a floor finish, by its very nature, is physically worn by traffic daily, but it's also possibly that many of our competitors have little control over their installation quality.


With our own trusted team of installers & with proven techniques, BIF provide written assurance that our workmanship won't cause an issue for you. Assurances are provided at no additional cost and are available on request.


In instances where our workmanship quality is found to have been inadequate, we'll put it right and this assurance is for a minimum 1 year to 6 years (depending on the system installed and the type of working environment).

Our Installation Team


Whilst almost every specialist contractor hires in labour to complete their work, BIF have stuck firmly to the principle of being an employer and developer of people.


Why is this so important?


  • Our customers get to know our team by name and will see the same faces project after project.

  • Continuity is important because it improves our customer's experience, with the knowledge that the team will work safely on site & will do a consistently good job.


  • Many of our staff have worked with us for over 10 years, some for over 25 years, so our customers get an experienced team on site every time.


  • We're also a business looking to develop people, so newer team members learn quickly and we're able to develop the right people needed for our future. 


Customer Commitment


BIF are a very customer focused business and when a date is arranged, our company will ensure the team will arrive as planned.

Our team's performance on site is equally important to us and we will always encourage customer comment to make sure we get it right. 


The online Customer Sign Off Sheet allows you to notify us electronically that work has been completed. 


Company Insurances


As you'd expect, BIF hold Employers Liability & Public Liability Insurances. We also hold Professional Indemnity Insurance, allowing us to provide a service with design elements.

Technical Knowledge


BIF understand how floors react to load, stress, wear, impact, temperature and chemical attack. This knowledge helps provide solutions that will work. 

We're also willing to refurbish part worn resin surfaces and will provide advice whether you need a new floor or if we can simply repair what you already have.


Many techniques we use to overcome problems are unique, but all repairs are supplied with a warranty to assure you that they will perform.

We believe that 80% of a project's success can be attributed to correct preparation & workmanship. Choosing the right type of material is important, but failure is still likely if the wrong people install it.


Choosing the right installation contractor will sway the outcome of an installation. BIF make sure an installation will be durable by identifying potential substrate problems, then applying the right type of preparation before we apply the right finish for the job.


We're more than a flooring contractor, we are a resin flooring company, who are with you at every stage of the project to ensure the work is a success.

Health & Safety


We know this is a major factor in choosing a contractor.


BIF employ Croner Consulting to produce, monitor & audit our Health & Safety systems. We hold an impressively clean health & safety record and work closely with our team to maintain this.


Every project is covered by a site specific risk assessment & method statement and BIF are happy to meet and discuss arrangements relating to Health & Safety before work commences.


Where required we'll even provide a cost for a site based Health & Safety Co-ordinator to oversee our work for the full duration of a project.

If you have a project where you're considering using either a resin floor or a hygienic wall cladding system, then please get in touch because I'm sure we can help reduce cost and we'll be with you at every stage. 

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Our technical knowledge will also help guide you and our experience will help you sequence work correctly, achieving the right solution at the agreed cost.

Simon Bellamy

Managing Director

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