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Price Promise

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Promising Best Value...

Buy anything today and we can quickly check for cost differences, but buying an object is far easier than buying a service. We assume the people supplying the service know what they are doing, but where the cheapest is often the most appealing, it's quite often cheaper for a reason.

Our challenge is to shout out all the different aspects of our service. Cheap pricing is common, but be aware of extras creeping in once you've chosen a Resin Floor or Hygienic Wall Cladding system. BIF provide firm costs which include for all the reasonable extras you'll need, so you know how much a job will cost upfront.

Losing work on price is something we want to avoid. BIF have been in business for almost 50 years and we've only been able to stay in business by pricing competitively. By providing great value.


Often, differences between our cost and others you may find should be minimal, if they're not then either we, you (or they) have something wrong! When we appear expensive, please let us know & we'll re-examine our costs and we will also provide a breakdown of costs for you to consider; remember if prices are out by a long way, either we, they or you have something wrong, so always check.


If we're slightly more expensive, still call us and we should be able to adjust pricing to suit. In return you'll get a great quality installation from BIF, an installation warranty and our assurance that if you have a problem we'll work to resolve it for you.


Before you choose another contractor to complete a project, call us to discuss what's included in our pricing.


If you need a better deal, we're also happy to try to offer you one.

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