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BIF Services Resin Flooring EP Flow photo

BIF-EP-Flow is a very durable self-smoothing epoxy resin, ideal for industrial applications where a smooth surface provides the ideal working surface.           

This system combines outstanding durability with good chemical resistance and a decorative finish. 


The system can be very cost effective too, with large areas installed within just a few days and the system will provide a very hard wearing, attractive and easily cleaned working surface.


Often used where maximum cleanliness is essential and where a smooth dust free environment is needed,

BIF-EP-Flow systems are resistant  to most aggressive chemicals and provide far greater durability than floor coatings.

Available in 2 and 4mm thicknesses, BIF-EP-Flow installations provide a long term solution to dry environment manufacturing areas.

BIF - EP - Flow

Strong Aesthetics - High Strength

Completed Projects

Colour Range

System Structure

In standard form, BIF-EP-Flow is installed over an epoxy primer at a nominal 2mm thickness. Where the floor undulates, BIF can apply a Regulating Primer Layer to remove undulation prior to installation of the resin screed.


The finished surface is very smooth and has a high gloss finish.In areas where the floor may become scratched, BIF can apply a clear silk seal to reduce glare and provide added protection to the epoxy surface.


The standard system can be tailored and additional decorative effects can be produced by the introduction of coloured acrylic flakes, lightly scattered on the surface and sealed (please see BIF-EP-Flec product page).


An anti-slip finish can be created for areas where underfoot safety are of concern. (please see BIF-EP-Grip Eco product Page)


Product Benefits:


  • Seamless finish

  • Easy to clean & maintain 

  • Excellent chemical resistance 

  • Highly durable

  • Decorative

  • Hygienic 

  • Non-Dusting

  • Available in a wide range of attractive colours



BIF Services Resin Flooring BIF-EP-Flow 3d



High Load Resistance

Chemical Resistance



Excellent Aesthetics

Scratch Resistant



Heat Resistant

Seamless Hygiene



Anti Static Option

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