BIF - P - Elastic Industrial

BIF-P-Elastic Industrial is crack-bridging, pigmented and flexible levelling coating for medium-heavy mechanical loads.

In the industrial sector, robust and resilient flooring systems are an important part of any modern manufacturing or distribution business.


BIF provide high quality systems  that will perform with a long service life. The surface finish, design and technical  characteristics can be selected according to specific requirements by adapting a layer system.


Aerospace, pharmaceutical, automotive or electronic industries need the best answers  – BIF-P-Elastic Industrial answers so many problems with speed of installation, durabilty & cost efficiency.

bif flow grip on steel.PNG

BIF - P - Elastic (see photo) has been installed over an aged and heavily used Steel Checker Plate mezzanine floor.  As requested by the Client , the plate surface texture has been completely obliterated by installing the self-flowing resin in 2 layers, to provide a more comfortable. easier to clean & safer working surface finish. The flexible nature of the system provides lasting protection against constant vibration which resonates through the structure, emitted by equipment thrashing away in the area. The surface was sealed with a textured layer for added slip resistance.

This installation is approximately 4mm thick and is finished with a resin cove skirting detail, dressed to our hygienic PVC Wall Cladding system.

Completed Projects

Colour Range

System Structure

In standard form, BIF-P-Elastic Industrial is installed over an epoxy primer at a nominal 2mm thickness. Where the floor undulates, BIF can apply a Regulating Primer Layer to remove undulation prior to installation of the resin screed.


The finished surface is very smooth and is sealed with a satin or matt sealer to lock in colour stability .


The standard system can be tailored and can include a self levelling baselayer for added durability or increased flatness of the finished surface.


An anti-slip finish can be created for areas where underfoot safety are of concern. (please see BIF-EP-Grip Eco product Page)


Product Benefits:


  • 3 - 6mm thicknesses available

  • Easy to clean & maintain 

  • Very good chemical resistance 

  • Impervious

  • Crack Bridging

  • Solvent free & low VOC

  • Highly durable

  • Self levelling (SR1 flatness achieved)

  • Decorative

  • Hygienic 

  • Non-Dusting

  • Available in a wide range of attractive colours


PU Flow Elastic 3D.PNG

BIF-P-Elastic Industrial

High Load Resistance

Chemical Resistance



Excellent Aesthetics



Seamless Hygiene



Anti Static Option

Are you looking for durable safety line markings?