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The Right Answer

If the Romans managed to invent underfloor heating 2000 years ago, how hard can it be for us to keep our toes warm all year around?   


Choosing to invest in underfloor heating is a serious decision.  Get it right, you'll add luxurious levels of warmth to any interior & when designed and installed correctly, underfloor heating can offer very low running costs too.

However, there are many who don't get it right and to avoid seeing a multitude of failures, of which there are many, we recommend that you take a considered approach to designing and installing the system correctly.

Insulation boards installed below polythene sheeting. Pipework positioned, ready for our 75mm fibre reinforced screed.

Our rapid drying screed can be walked on in just 5hrs, dries in 24hrs and with the addition of reinforcement fibres, is highly resistant to cracking.

A self smoothing resin comfort floor applied over a 4mm thick rubber layer provides a softer finish and a highly consistent surface.

It's a Living Thing

You'll know that as many things heat up, expansion occurs and as they cool down, shrinkage follows.

Building materials are no different and as heat is applied, an understanding of how common materials behave will help achieve a heated floor to be proud