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Epoxy Flooring Installation

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Talk to us about our epoxy flooring installations


If you work in an environment such as a factory or food preparation area, epoxy flooring can prove to be the most strongest and resilient of flooring options out there.


At BIF Services Ltd we can provide you with a range of flooring options regardless of your industry, budget or requirements. As well as offering suitable solutions, we can help with the installation and provide a complete after-care service.


Take a look at our BIF - EP - Coat HB. Ideal for plant rooms, warehouses, storage areas and dry production areas, some of the benefits of this option includes:

  • 200 - 400 micron thickness systems

  • New or Damp subfloors

  • Impervious

  • Solvent Free & low VOC

  • Smooth 

  • Medium Duty

  • Gloss Finish


Another great choice is the BIF - EP - Grip Eco as it’s slip resistant and also has:


  • Old, New or Damp subfloors

  • Uses 20% Recycled material

  • Impervious

  • Solvent Free & low VOC

  • Medium - Heavy Duty

  • Texture can be tailored

  • Wide Colour choice

  • Very cost effective in large areas


To speak to us about your flooring solutions, contact us via the enquiry form or call now on 01777 709 500.

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