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High Performance Resin Floors, Hygienic Walls & Ceilings


Garage Space

You have a great home, you love your car but like with almost everyone around you, your garage is a mess!

In many homes, the garage can take up almost 30% of the ground floor space, but it's seldom used and is often untidy and dirty. Concrete floors and unsealed brick walls seem to generate dust, hold moisture and smell damp too.


Many have tried painting the floor, but with a bit of wear the paint flakes away, so to do it right, you'll possibly be looking for something more permanent. 


This is where we come in...

We're set up and equipped to quickly install a floor finish for you and as many believe that installing a resin floor is the first step in transforming a garage, it's one you want to get right and turn the Black Hole it into a meaningful part of your home. 

Using the latest materials, we'll complete an Industrial Grade Resin Floor Coating to a garage in a single day. The coating won't flake or peel, so it will keep performing for years without the need for any more than a quick wash.

Whatever you need, we can help.  Our resin surfaces are industrial grade and will stop floors from dusting, provide you with an easily cleaned surface & brighten up the space, so you can do more with it. 

Go a step further and our wall finishes clad dark blockwork with smooth white PVC panels which can be easily wiped to keep your space clean and even ceilings can be clad in white PVC, if you want to loose every dark corner.

Our teams are ready to transform the darkest, dampest part of your home quickly & easily, allowing you to plan what storage units or shelving you need to complete the project.

Do something different

Turning a garage into a well organised space, or changing the use of your garage is fast becoming a very popular home project.

We provide resin floors, PVCu internal wall cladding and ceiling systems to transform a dark, damp garage into the kind of space you'll want to spend time in.

Remodeling your garage to become a home gym, a workshop, somewhere to store everything you need storing, or simply having an organised space to park your car is easily achievable with our range of floor, wall and ceiling systems.

Involve us as much as you want, we'll provide advice and help you decide how you want us to complete the floor, but we can also offer more advice and costs to completing the walls and ceiling too; you may want to do these yourself, but we're available to help in any way we can.

We can be with you for the full journey, or for just part of the project, so below please find a series of stages you can choose to involve us with, to change your garage into something really useful.



Stage 1 - Floor Surface

We'll provide an attractive, durable, industrial grade, garage floor finish which will withstand daily use for over 10 years. There's a choice of colour and for those looking for something different, a range of decorative surfaces. These finishes cure rapidly, meaning that we can complete a garage floor in a single day (or 2 days if the floor requires a surface damp proof membrane).





Type 1

A Two-Part Industrial Grade Polyaspartic Resin Floor Coating, applied in 2 Coats to provide a fully sealed, high gloss finish.


The following costs assume your concrete floor is reasonably smooth, dry (we can test the moisture content of the floor on request) and that it will require no significant repair or levelling.

Our prices include surface preparation, supply and application of the resin floor system. Prices include VAT.





Type 2

A Two-Part Industrial Grade Polyaspartic Resin Floor Coating, applied with a baselayer which is covered in decorative colour flakes, sealed with 2 Coats of clear Two-Part Resin Sealer, to provide a fully sealed, high gloss finish.