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Hygienic Wall Cladding
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BIF have been installing hygienic wall cladding for over 20 years, from a time when ceramic tiles were the default choice of finish.

Gradually the desire to lose grout joints has grown and seamless surfaces are fast becoming very desirable.

BIF provide a complete supply and installation service, using our own directly employed, fully trained team.

Our installations are designed to last, with all sheets fully bonded with 2-Part Adhesive and corners Thermoformed (a process to heat form sheets around corners and into Window Reveals).

There's also a choice of Hot Weld, Cold Weld or H-Section panel joint detailing, together with a range of colours to suit every interior.

BIF Hygienic Cladding

Prices are for budgetary purposes only. They make allowance for all labour, Plant & materials required. Pricing based on the work area being within 100 miles of Retford, Notts and that work can be completed within Normal Working Hours. Rates provided assume that the condition of the base requires no significant repair or additional preparation. We require electrical power, sufficient heating and light provided free of charge by the customer. Rates are for Standard White, for colours please add 20%..

BIF Hygienic Cladding

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BIF Hygienic Cladding
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