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Ceramic tile, wood, carpet tile and vinyl flooring have long been staple choices for designers seeking the latest designs in durable commercial flooring.

Over a decade ago, at a time when a resin floor's place was firmly on the factory floor, BIF began looking at commercial interiors, where the durability of a resin floor would be considered desirable. The photo above shows a floor installed by our company in 2011, but the photo was taken in 2021, after millions of feet have walked across the floor.

This illustrates the point that when a resin floor is correctly specified, installed and maintained, the durability is excellent.

We've visited several companies including Iceland, Germany, France & Switzerland and met with people who installed resin floors very differently and had new alternative products for us to consider. Across Europe, schools, libraries and hospitals choose a resin finish for aesthetic, cost  and performance.

Over the last 10 years, BIF have completed some amazing projects using the latest technology from Europe, giving the right answer for commercial flooring.

Our resin floors can be rigid or flexible; plain or highly patterned; smooth or lightly textured; vividly coloured or as subtle as natural stone colouring.

New Options for Commercial Flooring

BIF will assist by providing a range of suitable systems for you to consider. Clear pricing will provide you with an understanding of cost savings when compared with many other materials you may be considering.

The choice of suitable floor finishes has grown in recent years and BIF can advise on a range of floor coatings or resin screeds. Standard or Anti-Static versions are available.


We'll also provide priced options, to allow you to find the best match in budget or performance, but each option will be durable and supplied with our Assurance of Performance.


Commercial Sector

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