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Seamless resin flooring & hygienic wall cladding installations throughout the UK.

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0333 041 9003

BIF Services has been a specialist resin flooring installation company for over 40 years. We provide Industrial,  Commercial & Public Sectors with innovative, high performance seamless resin surfacing.

We install performance finishes to floors, walls & ceilings;  reducing the number of contractors needed for your project and our expertise extends beyond interior spaces, with resin bound paving for external areas.


Every project is completed by our own, directly employed team and our management team remain available at each stage of a project to help specify, plan, cost, manage & support our clients. 

From small repairs, to major installations, BIF continues to provide an excellent service quality, delivering projects on time with an excellent post-contract level of support. 

For guidance or advice on Resin Flooring or Hygienic Wall Cladding please call 0333 041 9003.

Email your enquiry and a member of our team will be in touch; 

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BIF are specialist installers of seamless resin floors and hygienic wall systems to industrial, commercial, Blue-Light & residential sectors.

We have answers others won't have...

BIF Services Resin Flooring Sample BIF PU-Flex Texture

We've worked on some of the largest projects in the UK, but also on some of the most challenging. We have a strong technical capability and by applying our knowledge, we help match the correct resin finish with what our customer needs.

We also have proven techniques for installing resin over timber, steel and even anhydrite screeds, giving our customers better options and choices to achieve a better floor finish.

We have options which reduce installation time and reduce cost, but perhaps more importantly, we can provide our customers with a truly alternative solution.

Our Rapid Cure R Systems cut downtime

BIF Services Resin Flooring BIF-R-Quartz Sample

Using the latest advances in resin technology, we have a range of rapid curing multilayer systems, enabling us to dramatically reduce installation time, offering seamless resin finishes for virtually any situation.


Due to the time saved during installation, our new rapid cure resin systems are priced to compete with vinyl sheet flooring and ceramic tiling.


The colour range & designs available mean that a resin floor can become an attractive alternative option, providing robust durability at a very competitive cost.

Quartz Resin Durability

BIF Services Resin Flooring BIF-EP-Quartz sample

Our Quartz Resins are possibly the most versatile of systems and provide attractive surfacing with very high levels of durability.


Multi-coloured decorative aggregate is cast into clear resin to provide excellent resistance to chemical and mechanical loading. 


Our Quartz is widely used across many sectors needing a floor finish with good aesthetics, slip resistance, hygiene and chemical resistance. 

Also available as an anti-static finish for ESD areas.

Introducing Seamless Comfort Flooring...

BIF Services Resin Flooring BIF Pu Comfort+ Sample

Flexible polyurethane resins provide a seamless floor, which is noise suppressing and soft underfoot.

These self flowing systems smooth out floor undulation, providing very flat, consistent and very attractive surfaces which are highly durable.

Used across many public spaces in Europe, these resin systems provide strong aesthetics to many high end interiors projects, particularly where jointless floors are a design requirement. 

BIF Services Resin Flooring Pharmaceutical Facility Floor Installation

Seamless Resin Finishes for Clean Room Environments

Technical Support

BIF have an excellent reputation for providing technical guidance and practical solutions to Project Managers, Architects or end users. 

We provide a full technical support service which you can access by; 


Phone we're ready to provide guidance on suitable systems, or how to overcome a problem you have on a project. Just Call 0333 041 9003.

Email - our team will examine photos sent showing a site, or provide guidance on the repair of defective areas you want correcting. We'll respond quickly as directed by phone, email or a meeting.

Video Meeting - you can book a face to face meeting with us to discuss a project and establish what options there may be to reduce cost or overcome a problem on site.


Site Meeting - We'll meet you on site to discuss a project, assess the area, provide advice and options and follow this up promptly with a Report and/or Quotation.

Customer Assurance

Project Sign off Sheet

Every BIF customer signs their project off when complete using our Customer Signoff Sheet, to ensure that we have provided the right service & quality.

All comments received help us to maintain or improve our service levels.

Assured Quality

It's really important to us that every project we complete performs in use and we remain available after a project is handed over. Our Assurance of Performance sets out our commitment to every customer, after work is complete; Click here to view


Price Promise

Offering the best value to our customers is important to us because we want to see customers return with more project work, so being competively price matters. 


Having a project completed cheaply is often quite different to receiving best value, but even if our quotation is higher, you can talk to us about price and we'll try to match any comparable price you have.

Click here to view our Price Promise.

Director Introduction

BIF Services Director Introduction Photo

Simon Bellamy

Managing Director

With 30 years of resin flooring experience, including 25 years project management experience, Simon heads an experienced team to ensure that every BIF installation performs and that our customer's expectations are met.

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For guidance please call 0333 041 9003

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