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Performance Flooring & Hygienic Walls

We provide a complete service in constructing tough, safe industrial surfacing on floors, walls and ceilings.


BIF have significant experience in refurbishing production areas in  Aerospace and have completed some very complex projects for our clients.

Our services include;

  • Improving floor levels (to SR1 on request)

  • Installation of industrial drainage & ducts

  • Construction of bunds and sumps

  • Full surface repair and preparation

  • Repairs to Expansion Joints

  • Installation of resin screeds & coatings

  • Anti-Static Flooring for ESD Areas

  • Installation of Wipe down Wall Cladding

  • Installation of Hygienic Ceilings

  • Spray Applied Hygienic Wall Coatings

  • Durable Safety Line Marking


BIF provide extremely durable seamless surfacing by carefully selecting the correct preparation, repair and installation techniques. Our floors will appear flatter, more consistent in texture because we use proven techniques and an experienced, weel trained team. 


Whether you need to improve light reflection, underfoot safety, provide an ESD protected work area, or improve the aesthetics of an area ready for a customer visit, BIF will provide a fast, efficient and very cost effective answer to support your business.


We have complimentary services available for covering walls & columns with wipe down hygienic cladding or hygienic wall coating options.


Similarly, a hygienic ceiling finish will complete the refurbishment with the added option to include flush lighting.



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The choice of suitable floor finishes has grown in recent years and BIF can advise on a range of floor coatings or resin screeds. Standard or Anti-Static versions are available.


We'll also provide priced options, to allow you to find the best match in budget or performance, but each option will be durable and supplied with our Assurance of Performance.


We also provide a great service, helping you to accurately forecast project costs and you'll be appointed a Project Manager to help plan and oversee an installation and remain available should an issue develop after we complete the work.


Why we're different

We minimise risks normally associated with using self employed labour by directly employing our installation teams. Our Management Team will guide you through specification, agree a programme and oversee the work closely.


From  multi-phase refurbishments to simple, routine maintenance repairs, we support the production needs of our customer, whilst we improve facilities on your site.


We also provide a written assurance that our installation will provide durability in use.

BIF provide;

  • Clear, Competitive Project Pricing

  • On-Site Technical Guidance

  • Project Planning Assistance

  • Trained Installation Teams

  • Full RA/MS

  • Our Assurance of Performance

  • Full Post-Contract Support

To find out more, or to discuss your options on a project;

Arrange a

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