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High Performance Resin Floors, Hygienic Walls & Ceilings


Understanding the needs of providing safe, durable and hygienic floor and wall surfaces in secure accommodation areas is rare.

Finding a company who have a specialist knowledge and a successful track record in this sector is even rarer.

BIF have been involved with secure accomodation project works for  over 25 years, so we understand the high standards needed and we know which materials provide long term durability in these difficult areas.

Our work has received praise from the Police, the NHS & Private Healthcare organisations because our finishes are tough, attractive and extremely durable.


But it's not all down to correct product selection. How our installation teams install our materials  is equally impressive,  with great attention to detail we're able to achieve a consistently high quality finish.


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BIF are a recognised specialist in secure environment surfacing

Resin Flooring for Police Custody & Mental Healthcare Seclusion Suites 

Expertise Explained


Mental Healthcare Accommodation Projects

BIF have completed hundreds of resin floor and wall installations in Seclusion Suites, Ensuites & Secure Healthcare Bedrooms in sites involved with the care of the mentally ill. 

It is fully recognised within BIF that the importance to create attractive interiors is as important as providing durability, because an attractive living environment goes hand-in-hand for facilities which support rehabilitation and care. Equally finishes must be as tough as possible, as patients may need protecting from the potential of self harm injury.


BIF regularly work on 3 NHS medium/high security mental healthcare sites for the NHS & also in privately operated mental healthcare facilities.

We fully understand the importance of how our installation teams complete work within live ward environments. Causing minimal disruption to these facilities whilst necessary work progresses is often critical to our clients and our installation teams are fully versed on considerate working at all times.


References can be provided on request to support our commitment of working within secure care environments.


Police Custody Projects


To date, BIF has completed resin flooring work in over 20 HMP Sites & Police Custody Areas for 6 Police Authorities.

BIF adopt many of the techniques used in our Seclusion Suite installations and replicate them for use in Custody Suites, raising the bar in standards seen by many Police Authority customers we've spoken with.

Modern custody facilities differ greatly from how custody cells used to look and the latest Suites are brightly lit, clean and well finished buildings designed for efficiency and the care and safety of members of the general public and staff.

BIF have been highly commended for works completed at 3 new Custody Suite developments completed since 2016 and we're currently working on a major refurbishment of an operational Custody Suite directly for a Police Authority. This project involves completing crack repairs of a defective finish installed by others.

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Completed Projects

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Seamless Floors & Wall Finishes



Unlike many similar companies, BIF install seamless floor and wall surfaces, giving you the ease of dealing with just one contractor.


Our finishes work together extremely well, providing neat transition between floor and wall and performing in the busiest environment for years. We provide resin floor screeds that perform for years and complimentary resin wall renders that will protect your building from water ingress.

For example, BIF-EP-Quartz has been used in hundreds of Secure Healthcare Ensuite Bathrooms & many Seclusion Suites as both a floor and wall finish, providing a very durable, safe and hygienic finish.


We're confident that you'll find our installation durable and provide a standard 5 Year installation warranty on all resin screed and hygienic wall cladding projects.


Wall Finishes too

Minor Building Works

  • Removal of defective screeds, concrete, plinths, chambers and bunds

  • Reconstruction and modifications to floor level

  • Infilling redundant service ducting points

Surface Preparation & Repair Techniques


  • Encapsulated Shotblast,

  • Diamond Grinding

  • Scarifying surfaces

  • Stabilising defective surfaces with fibre reinforcement

  • Resin Injection and stitch repair cracked concrete

  • Stabilising oil contaminated surfaces

  • Expansion Joint Arris Reinstatement

  • Waterproofing

Floor Surfaces

  • Floor Level Regulation to SR2 or SR1 Flatness specification

  • Application of resin floor coatings, screeds and mortars

  • Installation of expansion joints (Stainless, Aluminium or Resin)

  • Installation of surfaces having a  safety slip rating R8, R10 or R12

Drainage Systems

  • Supply of Stainless Steel Channels, Gulleys , Chambers & Sumps

  • Repair and re-use of existing (damaged) drainage systems

  • New build and Retrofit drainage installations

Wall & CEILING Finishes

  • Application of Hygienic Epoxy Wall Coating and seals

  • Installation of Hygienic PVCu Wall Facings

  • Repairs to existing wall finishes

Our Range of Services

BIF EP - Quartz

EP Quartz web.PNG


Heavy Duty industrial floor screed and wall render. The system provides a decorative extremely hard wearing finish with smooth or textured surface options.


3 standard or 5mm thickness.


Smooth or Textured Surface Finish options.

Satin Seal to reduce glare 


Areas of use 

Custody Suites

Circulation Areas

Toilets & Showers

Custody Reception

Seclusion Rooms

Floor & Wall Finishes Available

BIF - EP - Flec

EP Flake web.PNG


Medium / Heavy duty resin floor system which provides an attractive mottled surface appearance, with good slip resistance on floors and a tough smooth wall finish. 


2mm standard or 4mm thicknesses

Textured or smooth surface finish options.

Areas of use

Custody Suites

Circulation Areas

Toilets & Showers

Custody Reception

Seclusion Rooms

Floor & Wall Finishes Available

BIF - P - Comfort