Health Hazard

Safety Guide

If in doubt, please ask.

Is applying a Resin Coating Easy?

Applying a resin floor is quite straightforward for those who have a practical aptitude and a reasonable skill level.


Resins are chemicals and when working with virtually any chemical, you need to take care & work safely.


We understand that this may be a boring subject to many, but it's worth taking a take a moment to read some brief guidance we've put together in this section. It's REALLY important that you understand that these materials can cause harm if you don't try to plan the work to protect you & everyone around you.

The products you will be buying will have one or more of the following hazard symbols on the Safety Data Sheets;




Health Hazard


Serious Health Hazard


Hazardous to the Environment

Whilst resins are in their uncured liquid state, they are hazardous; once mixed, they undergo a chemical reaction which turns the chemicals into a hardened state. When cured hard, they can be considered as inert.


Safety Data Sheets for each product are supplied on this website for you to read, but for those who want a brief and clear summary here's some general advice;


1. Avoid skin contact, ingestion, inhalation.

2. Avoid others coming into contact with uncured materials


Be PPE Ready.

You must wear PPE (personal Protective Equipment) while applying resin finishes. As a bare minimum you will need;

Protective Gloves

Safety Glasses (or Goggles)

Do not go commando and take a risk, these are serious chemicals which need to be handled with care.


When planning a job, you may also want to consider;

Knee Pads

Dust Mask (during preparation)

Ear Defenders (during noisy preparation)

We can provide all PPE as part of your order with us, or you can provide your own, but please make sure that Protective Gloves comply to EN 374-3 : 2003 and the safety Glasses are the wrap around style, as you need to prevent any resin coming into contact with eyes and skin!

Safety glasses help protect against accidental splashing & do give protection from resin contact with the eye, should you accidentally wipe your face (the ultimate goal is to not wipe your eye or any part of your face when applying resin).


It's REALLY important that you do everything to prevent eye or skin contact with resins because they are corrosive, harmful, irritants and can have lasting effects.

Don't just think about your safety, consider others around you too. Make sure access is prevented during application and for hours after an installation (where the materials will remain wet and sticky) before initial cure takes place.

Ventilated Space